Intuitive Consciousness Coach
and Voice Channeler

 Crista Marie Miller

Heal. Grow. Ascend.

There is that one moment in time when everything aligns and becomes clear. You have had your eyes set on this prize for some time now. You may ask yourself "What is missing? Why am I not at my end goal yet? "
The answer is in your own awareness of your life journey. The puzzle pieces are laid out in front of you. Now is the time to get assistance in putting them together and take action! Book a session with me today, and take giant leaps forward towards your life purpose. – Crista

Crista is an Intuitive Voice Channeler, Certified Aura Color Coach, Master Hypnotisit,  and Reiki Master. Crista began channeling Spirit at the age of 7. Her focus is empowering you with sacred wisdom from Divine Feminine Christ-Consciousness and the teachings of Mary Magdalene. 

Crista is a nationally recognized “Consciousness Coach” and currently is working with key members of some of the largest Social Media companies in the industry. Accomplished published author, she continues her service also as an Editor for Radiance Magazine with numerous published articles via multiple media channels.

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Sandy Beach


Crista is the real deal. She recently intuitively read me and even though she knew none of the situations occurring in my life - the words she channeled spoke volumes to my heart to the point where I cried (good tears).~ Kaila M 

Crista's authenticity is a beacon of light in today's age.  One only needs to spend a few minutes with Crista before they realize how powerfully authentic and accurate she really is.  ~Katie D

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There was no way she could have known about the very deep, personal things she spoke about, and the people close to me in my life

~Lisa F


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