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How to Activate Your Psychic Abilities

It’s like a knowing that’s just out of grasp, and if you’re paying attention to it at this point, you feel a craving to grab onto it and make it expand with depth and detail.

It can be done. I can tell you how I activated my psychic abilities, and then try it for yourself. It all started with a removal of my five senses…

Spirit Energy explained at the Quantum Level

I am a Science geek at heart. One of my last classes in college was Physics, which drew me into the world of Quantum Mechanics. If I’d started my college career with this class, I would have probably ended up being a Quantum Physicist.

Quantum Mechanics is the study of the very small. Examples would be protons, electrons, and photons. Quantum Level is the energy given off from these particles. I want to share one of the most amazing miracles that happens in the quantum world that changed life as we know it.


Shifting Into The New Age, What We Have Learned

Magdalene Channeling 12-2020


    My dearest ones, as we come through today that we as a collective we are here for you. You can call upon the Divine Christ consciousness, for it is duality, it is divine feminine and divine masculine, but as she connects in with me I bring in the feminine aspect of the teaching, the nurturing, the very much essence of who we are as women. 

    And today there are four aspects that we are going through and we are shifting through, and I say “we”, for we in the spirit realm, are going through it with you. We are going through it with you. You are not alone. No matter how isolated, separated you feel, you are not alone my dear ones, you are not alone You are not alone. 

    There are four aspects of the energy that we are shifting into as we enter into this new age. 

    One, that the first aspect is a relationship with self. Your ancestors are important, but you must learn from your ancestors, in order to learn self. That you need to come to an understanding of who you are as woman. Self is number one, number one, the relationship with self for no one can fill your cup, but you. Do not allow anybody to come in and say “oh your cup is empty because you are not doing x y and z.” No, do not allow anybody to tell you how to fill your cup. You tell yourself how your cup needs to be filled. Your cup needs to be filled by you, you do not need to go out and search and seek for other people to tell you that your cup is full. Your connection to higher self, your connection to source, you working towards your soul purpose, is what fills your cup.  

    Your soul purpose can be changed. It can change, as you can change. It can change day to day, for once you understand one aspect of your soul purpose, it changes. Oh this aspect of your soul calling and soul purpose! So many want to know what, where, when, why, how! 

    Many don’t understand that it is ever shifting and changing. Once you achieve one aspect of your calling, there’s always something new coming right around the corner. That is what makes life so enriched so, so, fascinating. It is this aspect of there's always something new.         Once you have reached over that hurdle and you've gone on to something else…then there's another! 

    It makes me smile,  as Crista calls them hurdles, we call them opportunities of growth. For hurdles are just this. They're not blocks. Okay, we need to get this clear to you. When opportunities are presented to you, see them as blessings. For when you are uncomfortable is when you grow the most. New human skin is so impenetrable with spiritual energy that you must get uncomfortable in your own skin, as they say, you must get uncomfortable with who you are as yourself. But when you are uncomfortable and when you are pushing your boundaries with who you are, with what you guys call the “hurdles”, but we in Spirit call them opportunities. In your view, you are jumping over your hurdles. We see them as embracing your opportunities. That's number one. 

    Number two, as we shift into this new energy of understanding not only with self but understanding your relationship with others. For once you know yourself, is when you find that there are so many of you out there who are finding each other. You get wrapped up in “who is my true soulmate.” Don't you understand that it's not always a romantic connection who your soul mate or twin soul flame is. No, no, no, your “twin soul flame” or your “soulmate” or all these other wonderful names that you give these relationships. It does not always have to be romantic. Maybe your soul partner is meant to be your son. Maybe your soul partner is meant to be your mother.

    This is a relationship, an intimate relationship with others. And that's number two, is the relationship with others. When you are in this physical sense of the human condition, you feel like there's a sense of self sacrifice that you must make. There is no self sacrifice that needs to be made, this is something that you must understand. That self sacrifice, is you sacrificing parts of who you are. And that is a no, you never sacrifice who you are, for as we develop spiritually you have beginning to shift into an area where you are going to create more.

    You’re going to crave relationships that brings satisfaction on all levels of this human experience. That you will crave and have the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual connection. Even if you guys are searching for that romantic partner, know that they must fulfill you on all those levels, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. For if it is lacking, in even one these areas, you must step back, realize and see “is this relationship right for me?” And if it has not helped you grow, I don't say give up on your current relationship. But see, if your partner is willing to grow with you, for that is a true spiritual partnership is, when they are willing to grow with you. 

    Number three is the relationship with Mother Earth. This relationship with Mother Earth that you are all cultivating and bringing into awareness, is vital. Over the coming years, including now, and this year, there will be many sweet souls that will be passing from this Earth. And those are the ones who are struggling with this existence, or struggling with and will not choose to elevate. Will not choose to go onto the next phase of the journey. That this Earth is transforming into, a higher vibrational source. 

    So know those sweet souls that are choosing to depart from this Earth at this moment, and over the next four years, I'm sorry this is a four year cycle. We have begun this year. You are in this four year cycle of immense spiritual growth area. So know that those people that choose to transition at this time, are the ones that are not understanding the shifting energy that is coming. And they are choosing to go to a higher realm, spiritually, by leaving the physical body. This is nothing with judgment for them, please understand. No you must not judge the other, for this is their own souls decision. As long as they do leave by their own hand, then they will transition into a higher realm and assist you in the evolution of you from there.

    I just want to go through again those the first three and then I will transfer on to the fourth one. There is, one, relationship with self, two relationship with others, then three relationship with Mother Earth. Let me finish up that thought, that direct correlation of those souls that are leaving are the ones that are, again, not deciding to shift with Mother Earth. Again, no judgment on them, for they would decide to shift in the spirit. They want to shift in the spirit, again not by their own hands, but by their own free will, then that is their choice.     The last one I want to cover this fourth one, is that you are creating your future. You are creating your future, right here, right now. Over the past years, we have endeavored to help you guys remember your wondrous past and to accept the truth that you have within you, all that is needed to create a brand new world. The energy is shifting. And so you must get clear and understand of who you are and where you want to go. Get clear on that vision. 

    I always speak about writing it in lead pencil, for this is the is the strongest form here on earth to create manifestation. If you cannot get a pencil a blue pen is the most optimal as well. Lead pencil or a blue pen, which is slightly lower on the frequency level.  But, lead pencil is most ideal. We are shifting out of the dark shadows, my friends. We are shifting out of the dark shadows and into this new light. Into this new breath of fresh air. For you have already felt it! Hopefully this year, sparked a hope inside you. That spark of development. That spark of understanding. It is there, it is there. Answer the call my dear ones, answer the call. And blessings my dear ones, I will leave you with that.