I have had the pleasure of having my writings published in Radiance Magazine. Here is a brief blurb. For the full article, click on the button below. 

How to Activate Your Psychic Abilities By Crista Benson

It’s like a knowing that’s just out of grasp, and if you’re paying attention to it at this point, you feel a craving to grab onto it and make it expand with depth and detail.

It can be done. I can tell you how I activated my psychic abilities, and then try it for yourself. It all started with a removal of my five senses…

Spirit Energy explained at the Quantum Level

I am a Science geek at heart. One of my last classes in college was Physics, which drew me into the world of Quantum Mechanics. If I’d started my college career with this class, I would have probably ended up being a Quantum Physicist.

Quantum Mechanics is the study of the very small. Examples would be protons, electrons, and photons. Quantum Level is the energy given off from these particles. I want to share one of the most amazing miracles that happens in the quantum world that changed life as we know it.

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