Kaila M

Crista is the real deal. She has on multiple occasions read me like a book when I haven't said a thing. She recently intuitively read me and even though she knew none of the situations occurring in my life - the cards she pulled and the words she channeled spoke volumes to my heart to the point where I cried (good tears). She was able to channel direct information from my Guides and could see what my current themes are and what potential directions I could take. During recent color sessions she intuitively chose a color per week for me to focus on. We started with White and I was amazed at how many synchronicities arose with that color and corresponding theme. It has been such a pleasure working with Crista. She is such a gifted, caring, and strong woman who truly has a Heart of Gold! Thank you, Crista, for being you

Lisa Flach Pic.jpg

Lisa F

I have to say the reading was amazing . There was no way she could have known about the very deep, personal things she spoke about, and the people close to me in my life.... and the things I was facing. 

I felt unsure and stuck in some of the decisions in what I should do in handling them . It has given me clarity in moving forward. I feel free and unburdened. 

If you are struggling with your job, relationships or just life in general, I highly recommend using her services!

~Lisa F

Katie Dunk.jpg

Katie D

Crista's style and personality is a straight, shoot from the hip almost blunt delivery wrapped up in so much compassion and accuracy that one is left in a warm golden bubble of love.  She is one of the most humble beings I've ever met as well as extremely honest.  This humility is astounding given how truly gifted she is in her abilities to offer accurate readings and life changing healing work.  Crista's authenticity is a beacon of light in today's age.  One only needs to spend a few minutes with Crista before they realize how powerfully authentic and accurate she really is.  I am eternally grateful to have her in my life as a spiritual healer and mentor.  It is with proud enthusiasm that I would recommend her services to anyone looking for a deeper understanding of themselves, clearer insight in their spiritual path as well as with help in healing. Crista uses many different modalities to better serve her clientele and is always working on her own spiritual as well as professional development to further her ability to help others. ~Katie D

Lindsey Warwick.jpg

Lindsy W

I first met Crista at a meditation center and she read me right away. She didn’t know me but she knew I was about to embark on a PhD in counseling and that I intended to go to Texas. I saw her for a full reading a few days later and she brought through someone I love very much who passed away seven years ago. She gave undeniable detail in a way I have NEVER experienced before. I have seen other psychic mediums but Crista blows them ALL out of the water. She proceeded to channel two higher beings, basically the two most important to me and she had no idea who one of them was. For me one was the archangel Michael who I use in healing work and the other was Babaji who is the original guru from my Kriya Yoga lineage. Not only that but Babaji was linked to my deceased loved one also on a very deep level so it was further connection. They provided me information related to the type of work I intend to do and discussed things from my past that were so accurate my jaw dropped. They also pointed toward a future I intend for myself. Crista can read me like a book. Her eyes see universes. Her heart knows wonders. Reconnecting with the person that I had lost healed my heart on a level I didn’t know it still needed to heal and now I feel him all around me again. She gave me one of the most special gifts of my life. Stop reading this and go see  her now! 

~ Lindsey W

Catherine Gonzalez.jpg

Catherine G

I was fortunate to have a reading with Crista after a family tragedy. A couple years ago my cousin went missing, months later she was found dead. The police dropped our case and labeled it a “tragic accident.” They did not help us get answers to how she was killed or who was responsible. We all knew there was foul play and something terrible happened. We were forced to carry on in life without any closure, behind she left two toddlers. My family met with many “psychics” and “mediums,” desperate to get any answers we could. However none of them could really describe my cousin and the things they said were very generic to all. They didn’t bring any comfort or sincerity. When I met with Crista it was so comfortable and I instantly felt a connection. She told me things that we never mentioned. She knew many intimate details of my cousin, and even knew that a funny song pops in my head when I think her. Everything she said made clear sense and brought me and my family so much comfort. She explained details carefully and respectfully. Although it was difficult to hear, this meeting brought so much closure and comfort. I felt my cousin so near and I am forever thankful. Knowing my cousin is resting and happy is all i needed to know. Crista is truly a gift, Absolutely  incredible. ♥️ ~Catherine G

Sue Minahan.jpg

Sue Minahan

I trusted her ability instinctively, and intuitively -- both.  I was sold.  I decided it would be well worth my investment and trust -- which it was 100%.

Some messages were not validated right away, but after the session I did make the connections. She was very apt. 

I felt greatly strengthened in my connection to spirit through listening to the clarify of how you expressed the words through your connection with spirit. ~ Sue M

Star gazer.jpg

Jessica L

[Crista] gave me a reading about a female on my Grandmother's side who passed away from breast cancer on my moms side. I unfortunately couldn't make the connection because I didn't have any knowledge about this spirit.I'm not close with my family but I decided to text my mom about this because I knew spirit was coming through for a reason!I told her about the situation and asked if she had lost someone to this description. Low an behold she told me her mom's sister passed away 35 years ago from breast cancer! Oh my goodness!!! Wow! Absolute chills! I have never met her nor did I even know my grandma had this sister and my mom knows that I have no knowledge of her at all. Crazy how spirit works some times.I began to talk to my mom more and to try to figure out why her aunt came though, she said my grandma (so the spirit's sister) had a dream about her a few days ago! Ahhhh visitation dreams!!! All of these little things just added up. She must've really wanted to come through and give a message to validate "yes that was me in the dream!! I'm still around you and watching over you and I'm doing just fine."I definitely could not keep my eyes dry and I'm sure my mom was crying on the other end too. I just wanted to give you a little update on that! :) I was very close to not texting my mom about this, but part of me knew that if spirit came through, they really want to deliver a message. I'm so glad I texted her.